The timeline

Q1 2022

Set up the concept,Hiring Talent: Development & Management team.

Q2 2022

Drafting Whitepaper, Token Development, Token Audit, Website UI and landing page design

Q3 2022

Social Media Handles, Private Sale Round

Q4 2022

ICO Development

Q1 2023

Marketing campaigns

Q2 2023

Token listing in exchange

Q4 2023

Exchange development

Q1 2024

Marketing campaigns for Exchange

Q2 2024

Start Token listing in exchange

Q1 2025

Blockchain development


Easy to Start

90s Token is your secure, smart, and easy-to-use platform. You can start with low capital i.e. with the minimum deposit limits. GRNT is your sure-click pathway to possibilities.

Reward Mechanism

90s Token can give you the first-mover advantage for long-term growth; also our Associates and Supporters are paid for referrals with a massive bonus.

24/7 Support

Support is one of our great highlights. We have a global and world-class team to provide Fast, Secure, Fair, Stable round-the-clock service.


Well, it is the best solution for ultra-fast contactless international transactions. Like said earlier, it is based on the Binance block chain.